A new kind of religious age?

No competition here.

I had too much time to think yesterday and came up with this notion. I would encourage anyone reading this to also think about what religion you would create. If you feel like this particular idea would be great for a small community to de-stress and grow together please consider supporting it and at the very least I will spread its tenets, which I think are good ones. A space would be expensive, and I would only consider seriously looking into that if I reached over $1,000. Otherwise, I will continue to include the ideas in a creative piece. The money will go towards printing it.

Prismatism Temple

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This is my latest idea. It’s very much conceptual and meant to provoke reactions in people. Prismatism would be a new religion. I define religion as “the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices.” Very general. I’d like to open a stress-free temple nearby and this would be the money towards starting up a space. Core beliefs would be in maximizing human dignity, compassion towards all things (living and not), and freedom to be creative. Creativity I feel is sorely lacking in religion, and it would be nice to have one which is flexible for this quickly moving age. We would have open singing and dancing, contemplation times and perhaps confessions. I seem to be getting lots of people telling me their secrets and it seems to be helping them let it out. Why not make it official? Beliefs beyond this point would need to be laid out openly and honestly. 

If even a small amount is given I will create a mission statement. As far as a “bible” equivalent I am already working on a novel which very well could be an introduction to a world with Prismatism as an option.

Thank you for reading about this strange idea!

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