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Support art appreciation by giving to the idea of creating a game made up of just art on cards!

Here is the game’s Mission Statement:

The aim of this game is to engage you deeply with an artist’s work and encourage your own creativity. If you ever get the urge to look at one of the artist’s pieces on a larger scale I have accomplished my purpose. I hope you and your friends will discover new viewpoints of your own through the appreciation of art and play.




Art Card Game

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3 Replies to “Art Card Game”

  1. It occurs to me that many artists might love to have an inexpensive way (like this) that could showcase their art, be a game (I think there need to be *some* rules/guidance as to how to “play”), also have info (on the cards) so people can get to their “bigger” art (website, physical location, email, and such). If you provided a means where artists could send you tiny images of their work, and you made them into such a “game” that the artists could purchase (bulk) from you, then sell at a profit—might be a win/win situation!

  2. What a clear way of putting what I’ve been trying to figure out! There are indeed rules for the game already. It’s best played with 2+ players and is similar in feel to Apples to Apples.

  3. Please let us know where we can get your art card game (when the time comes). I want to be one of the first to get a set with your art on it!

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