Robin Senseney

Creator of Wilder Trade, Robin’s head is a constant hub for interesting ideas. She posts them here to reflect on them for herself, and test the waters to see if they’re just crazy enough to work. Here’s an interview I had with her last week.

Me: “Is it true that you proclaimed yourself a god of your own religion yesterday?”

Robin: “I thought about it. There are other movements involved with invoking your ‘inner goddess.’ I like the idea. People are the most powerful beings we know of in a lot of ways, so why not declare ourselves gods? Maybe we would feel empowered enough to change things.”

Me: “Interesting. You are very creative, I’ll say that much. What would you say to someone who might question your sanity?”

Robin: “I feel I already am in that situation, ha. I would say that I am indeed bonkers, but I am trying to get over the stigma over it and take advantage of my odd charisma, grit, and imagination.”

Me: “I also heard you hate Mindfulness? What bothers you about it?”

Robin: “Oh, that’s mainly because it makes me feel trapped. I like when my mind wanders to interesting places. Trying to stop it all the time just doesn’t fit with me. I don’t hate it, sometimes I use it to slow down and enjoy my food, but it’s not something I live by.”

Me: “What do you have to say about not completing projects or ideas? Do ideas themselves have value?”

Robin: “I like to think they do have value, and should be freely expressed. It’s why I created this site. As far as not actually completing things I think it’s important to learn how to enjoy the process of things rather than the just the outcome. I also hope this site might help motivate people to complete projects, because well…we all need to eat you know?”

Me: “That’s very wise. Thank you. I’ll be in contact with more questions later. For now, I’ll encourage our readers to try making an interview with themselves and see what you discover about challenging your own beliefs!”



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